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Welcome to Marie's Beauty Salon!

We take time for your hair, face and body that is our starting point.

In the beauty salon , it is possible to do different treatments. Treatments such as hair, face, body treatments, relaxation massages, waxing   and pedicures.

With our treatments you will discover the secrets of the Brazilian beauty. We use the same techniques as in Brasilia with Brazilian high beauty technology and natural products that come from the Amazon.

  • Facial Treatments

    Facial Treatments

    Intensive skin care, classic skin care, royaal skin care, anti aging skin care, acne treatment, special peeling chemist détox, rimpels treatment met ionisatie glycolzuur.....

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  •  Waxing treatments

    Waxing treatments

    Waxing treatment at Marie's Beauty Salon in Arnhem. Are you tired of the excess hair growth and you want to temporarily from? Take a Waxing treatments....

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Hair extensions

The dream of all women today is to have beautiful, long, extensive and healthy. hair Since there are today many cosmetic products are sold that promise this miraculous effect and only be achieved through the use of this product, in most cases there will be no results therefore choose most women the option to put their extentions....

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Body treatment / Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a body treatment abatement measures, cellulite reduction, the elimination of the feeling of swelling and improves blood circulation, the treatment is indicated for cellulite treatment, stretch mark treatment, localized fat, elimination of toxins , anti aging, lipo ultrasonic cavitation without injections, li...

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